Derelict Sun

The singular sound of roaring cicadas, synching at a sweeping velocity.
The ringing windfall, accompanying the rift.
Damn, it’s hard to think with you in my head.

Someone caught you snoozing at the wheel, and the dopes knew just what to do.
They took you for granted, left you to double back.
Still, buzzing in your head made for a Muzak-al background.
“I’m a creep, I’m a weirdo…”

What my head felt like with a thousand ideations compressed and fighting for air.
The sunlight was safe in the distance.

Taking in the scenery…

Mirror Image

Escape the fading credits and swear you’re not done here- the weight of unfinished business.
“Sorry Mom”, “I’ll pick it up, next time”.
I’m at least good for that.

You miss me more now than ever.

Someday I will long for my own kids- and they won’t answer the phone when I call.
The diminished returns, always returning for more…

Inside this vehicle, moving steady with no destination, and no self control.
I’m safe inside, so I’ll just drive.

You had me scared for a while.
I thought you finally came around.


Sleep through the summer- there will always be another.
Your vampire skin, werewolves dig in,
teeth marks and loose women.

I could hide out for days.

See your car parked across the street, the cold macadam and sun cracked feet.
Impale the skyline with trees, all dead tissue & the mind free.

It feels like the first time– and you’ll never get this day back.
Watch the neighbors work their ant hills and sidestep the fly traps.

Forage the earth for a reason to care,
into darkness and sunlight- the parity of a long, dry summer
and stagnant air


Wreck me- then fall to the ground. Observe the masses without a sound.

The dialect is played again, until the walls give in.

Release the wolves to clean the remains, this works both ways.

And we had no privileges until now.

You ran away on the backs of animals- alive for just a brief stay.

The entrails slick, and pulled along the way.

Leave me just as you found me. We won’t exhaust the unknown.


What did you want to hear? “Oh, you’re ok?” Well, that’s not true.

Will you enable me one more day? The consequence is- I will let you go.


But I can’t see how, you left me down- when the first taste, hit me and left me cold.

You’ve been steered on, past the default. Where the silence, spilled into the void


And the liquid hits the veins, and the mind comes alive.

You can’t take it back the next day, when there’s nothing left.

Imageand I don’t know any other way…


Porcelain Afterglow

What’s different today?
The fog lifts and slips into the vents, circulating and awaiting their return.
Or maybe it’s in my head?

That must be it.

I’ve exposed myself for something more,
in light of your weakness- all I adore.
Silken skin in the porcelain afterglow- the sun rises on the porch regardless.
Regarded as dead to you, my morning glory is more horror story, and I expect you to forgive me.

I am the dew and mold, collecting in the gutter amidst my aimless soul.
Please take me with you.
I promise you it will be different this time.

I miss you, Patrick Swayze

When the neighbors writhe in simile,
vibrations make way through dry wall, tender lit on the old plains-
Native Americans thought you sounded strange too
Settler backwash, swilled on sacred land, and the Indians creeping on hillcrests disregarded those fires

But I can hear you make love,
and I hope that isn’t replacing lust- complacency for rigor, so routine..

How do you know he loves you?

Suction me into fetal pose,
sound bleeding through the walls;
lull me to sleep.