Headstones Near the Field Sobriety Checkpoint

Take me to the spot where you swore you’d never forget.
Years where time disappears and the cortex holding onto useless debris.

Daydreams have no place in here, no space to breath;
Close your eyes and re-imagine yourself.
You look so pretty to the touch- where you left your heart in his hands.
the first of many errant forks in the road

He’d walk you to safety, somewhere in the woods;
He took a long look, and a wrong turn and left you by the slabs that spanned vertical in fields- silent and wrenching in the long hours of night.
marble that freckles polished granite into dust

People “sleeping”– that’s what my parents used to say.

I’ll reframe it inside this mess of my head like a stone, the souls below my feet, and miles from nowhere…

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