Me & The Stars At Night (your hollowed out voices escape)

There’s no disparity in this course I’ve steered, exclusions I’ve made and making sense of the moving air, now just removed.

The ground gave way and I fell 100 feet.
My legs splintered and I’ve scraped and crawled to get back to the top, or at least find a new opening.
Lower some rope. I’ll know what to do.

I heard all your voices. I remembered that you once gave a shit. You once put up with me.
All I did was provide the waste material.
No laughter, no recall- just the spite and the stars in the night.
Weary as I am. Weary as I am.

It’s cold here underground.
I miss you beyond belief. Beyond my own grief.
The sound of falling stars crashing all around me.
Your voices faint and wispy- disappearing into the stretch of clouds up ahead.

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