Fool Them All (new years revolution)

These same fifteen songs
An iPod loaded,
Stolen or shared
Useless, but I had to have.
And now you recognize it
For what it is, a fraud
What’s the point?
That’s what I asked
And I realized the room
Went empty
Everyone long gone,
In the minutes that seemed like days when they passed.
I watched you
Thrown aside sleep
Drunken nights
Work incomplete
One more written
Warning and I’ll leave
This shithole where I can’t breath
Take me out or
I’ll do it myself
What do you expect?
From a room
Drained of self respect
I did a job on
Destroying what’s left.

Go home
The yard looks well kept
Someone else lives there now
That dream
Forever dead.
Drive through the grass
Into the tree
You drunken fuck
Dodge that bullet
Insurance fraud
And fallacy
That will be
Your last lie
Until you do it again

This useless soundtrack
Wrecked beyond belief
Don’t hold back
Waste everything in sight

Xmas eve 20thirteen

A selfish act to want you back
or dwell on memories that don’t make sense.
One day won’t make difference to how I view
the world and go quietly into some snowy eve, break my fall
and then you leave.
Can’t help but want you back,
It’s a movie of my life I’m watching
all the reviews suck
no royalties, no trailers to come; just dumb luck
The return of disillusion- breaks and broken,
stuff we
couldn’t live without,
“happy holiday”, now go back to sleep

Doesn’t mean the same when the years slip quietly by into the night, or the light-
it’s all darkness and the sleigh bells fall away from earshot:
“jingle, jingle-cringe…”
I drift backwards from the anesthesia drip
might as well be that last shot of hard liquor that cascades across my

To all a good night,
this lonely parched winter…
life has all you need
when you let go
of what you don’t

December 17th

Touch my soul- my beard, for appearances
and I must look 100 years old.
But we were kids when everything went orange & red,
the sunspots creep inside my head- sad places that experience yields.

What a crock, this letdown, left high
paranoid of these fleeting moments until they subside.
Panic at the coasters peak, the horizon where I rode free.

The freedom of youth, mired in responsibility
paved with indifference… just as I left you here


Feed me oxygen one more time and when I wake I will feel like hell.
You can’t promise to take this away and despite my best efforts, the feeling remains- and I am electric.
I can still taste that on my palate, and vanguard my heart.

Take me along, relax and let the nausea gut you from the inside- it’s only temporary.
I forgave the former me to rediscover the new me
and they look the same, but damn does the feeling stretch into another year, another day…count the hours to the end.

Forgive me for all my terror-
what it looks like to the outside world and I feel your pulse removing me from myself.

Fitfully, break this fit in tremors and levies. I’m alive again
but there’s no guarantees…

Understanding Jazz Guitar – Part Two: Arpeggios

Guitar Basics 4 Beginners

Photo on 11-21-13 at 8.19 PM #3This article, as a part two extension of Understanding Jazz Guitar – For All Guitarists, is designed to continue providing the basic reference point guitarists need to embrace further understanding and study.

The Basics… Most styles of music have some way of isolating, organizing and talking about notes (or tones) that make up each chord in a tune.  In most cases such chord tones are given the name: Arpeggio.  As stated, an arpeggio is a group of notes that represent any given chord of the same name.  For Example: A C7 chord (or C dominant 7th chord) has a matching arpeggio with the same name: C7 Arpeggio.  So, if a C7 Chord occurs when playing (some form of chord tones) C,E,G and Bb simultaneously (ringing together to sound like a chord), then a C7 Arpeggio is being employed when (some form of chord tones) C,E,G and Bb are being…

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