Understanding Jazz Guitar – Part Two: Arpeggios

Guitar Basics 4 Beginners

Photo on 11-21-13 at 8.19 PM #3This article, as a part two extension of Understanding Jazz Guitar – For All Guitarists, is designed to continue providing the basic reference point guitarists need to embrace further understanding and study.

The Basics… Most styles of music have some way of isolating, organizing and talking about notes (or tones) that make up each chord in a tune.  In most cases such chord tones are given the name: Arpeggio.  As stated, an arpeggio is a group of notes that represent any given chord of the same name.  For Example: A C7 chord (or C dominant 7th chord) has a matching arpeggio with the same name: C7 Arpeggio.  So, if a C7 Chord occurs when playing (some form of chord tones) C,E,G and Bb simultaneously (ringing together to sound like a chord), then a C7 Arpeggio is being employed when (some form of chord tones) C,E,G and Bb are being…

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