Circle the sky,
defiant looks up from our questioning eyes-
the displacement of clouds meeting the rain ,
the oncoming storm crackling in the backdrop, not as color,
but drowned out backlit charcoal,
penciled in the midst of flickering,
lightning streaks,
and the teardrops that once coursed down cheeks.
Skin, worn thin, cheapened by past lovers-
powder white drowning at night ,
skin calloused fingertips holding the sunlight
porcelain, and the flourish of beauty…
sparks between us.

Standing in the fusion of smiles,
eyes reflect, entranced,
not a passing glance.
Real love, meeting at a solitary crosswalk,
Where gravel kisses the stream,
the waters hiding the mud stained revival,
lips soak each other
and dampens the dry souls
The same that fell asleep cold, wet …
Once distant,
bound to new life amidst the stranglehold.
Affection, a new taste, polarizing even the most
selfish persona.

We exchange glances,
and then ride away
in the same car.
Laughing and smiling at the passing storm…

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