You told me it wouldn’t work, and I just said “ok”

Tell me how much it hurts,
I’ll say how it doesn’t.
Tell me it can’t work,
I’ll tell you why it can.
You saw it coming,
but there’s happiness for everyone.

Fermenting leaves, only animals eat
your cup empty,
drinking under an angry tree.
When you hoped it’d make you free.
A flow of wine so sweet,
feigned niceties, a lasting memory
on Great Jones street.

Tell me you don’t love me,
I’ll show you differently.

Just Today

I can’t qualify who I am, or where I am,
I’m just glad to be alive today.
Don’t care about doctor’s appointments or bills going unpaid.
I woke with myself intact, far from when I started, 5 years long on this path.
A skeletal soul with no place to go,
now I have purpose in the smallest details.
Destined to flourish, not afraid to fail.

I am a survivor, but nothing special.

Still don’t know how this will all play out,
But I know who I’m not, and I’m no longer there.
Just today, the distance of 5 years.


We’re all in passing cars like Venus to Mars.
At least that’s what they told me when I was a kid.
I stumbled upon her, she washed my feet,
from the basin with the dirt submerged underneath,
the filth of four decades and no release.
Water from downpours, now silent in relief.
Three words in union, a sentiment with attached strings,
held lofty with dowel rods, pivoting angel wings.
We’re just strangers now.
When the last hug has been passed around.
Strangers in the crowd.


I still remember the day you were born,
the days before and the last moments we had. You’re gone.

They forgot what its like.
Or never knew.
None of their children sacraficed for the greater good.

We see every dollar slipping in your pockets made fat,
disregarding every soul that ever fought back.
Old men, death of just another child.
Congregating around the longest mile.

They don’t know what it’s like.

They’re not the last young minds to be crushed under foot,
bought and sold-out, stale amendments of truth.
Their inaliable right, in the face of those who lied,
trampling all those who stood up for those who died.
You’ll never know what it’s like.

I hope you don’t.

17 more lives, gone before their time.
Your sweet daughter struck down by nine bullets fired.
So many parents trapped amidst a torrent of sleepless nights.
One voice united to rise, from millions of restless minds.
Reborn to defy and fight for their lives.

They know what it’s like.

Small Victory

The inevitable spring. I saw It today.
Knew it would come. We could sneak away.
A moment. It will come again.
Until the new wave strikes,
bitter quarreling lovers in a knife fight.
Part of me saw light,
the greatest weapon is love,
polished the stars bright. Each one brighter than the last.
The peace of the world which gently persists.
Sprouting forth undeniably into cherished moments,
a small victory, another day won.
Seated on the edge of oblivion.
The rain drizzled gently from an open sky,
and I smiled as she drove away.
Life, a series of moments.


Anyone who knows me knows I love lyricist Brian Vander Ark. Look him up, or look up his song lyrics, they’re poetry, no doubt. His lyrics are brushes on a painting I may never quite achieve, but here’s what I can share, and what I’ve learned. Thanks for indulging my best effort- Tim

Some days are worse than others, some better,
this, the former, a past lover, the last hair washed from pillows,
the one next to yours, I’ll keep it like souvenirs.
Listening to Verve Pipe and Brian claims the hail, unlike the rain, “another year could not disdain”.
This year as ominous as a lateral move, past remnants, clogged drains.
I have nothing left to prove, make me whole once again.

This will all make sense one day. This may not make sense either way.
The goldfish pays no mind. He’s good in the bowl, with the masses outside crying to be heard.

Preferred in my freshman years, I held two girls at a time, never knowing any long-term plan.
I declared to you in my fit of rage, you were lost, only I could be saved.
I was a villain underneath, so sweet, until a spoonful of sugar made me obese. Superficial thoughts and metaphors,
the inflation of a 19-year old’s fragile ego.

So much for this, happiness is, wherever you find it.

The veneer in your hardened shell, I could feel,
until you set me as a picture in a photograph.

Your word as good as mine, to conceal, only I’ll have the last laugh.


I want to make memories now, no time to waste.
I fell into your lap, seemed like the safest place.
Clocktowers and scopes targeting all our children’s hopes.
Beggars on the streets, American dream, inhabitants broke.
When all the world’s stage wrote us off as just a joke.
Walls built up, stripped bare, clenched fists
but we’re not getting out of here.
Marked for time, when young lives have been erased.
Those walls to hold people out are built to thwart our escape.
I want to make memories now,
there’s no time to waste.