I recall, in trees during Fall,
leaves settle on the lawn,
lonely at Rosegarden.
Some in decay, others stuck in the drain,
the pull and strain,
of a single union.
Two kids growing up together, unearthing moments.

Garage full of relics and a yard full of grass,
A tree house, round back, waiting patiently for visitors,
adored by future children.
Never old enough to know better.
Decaying tree limbs, burgeoning feelings
…too many reasons

Alter promises, distance held tight
In front of the TV, engaging sitcoms,
not one another, sofas further away each night.
You might as well have been on the moon.

The comfort of home.
Two strangers living alone.
Lost here on Rosegarden.
The leaves and grass mingle in the yard.
A “for sale” sign standing guard.

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