Spectral made real, minutes creep.
Every corner alive, the room casts shadows, deafening

You can hide away here

Thin veil, from the windowsill to the sky
Moon smirks through glass, unloading lonely thoughts
Parched lips, from sleepless nights, spiders weaving in silent stitches
The shadows danced, came alive, what was

What will never be

Phantasm, retreat under covers,
safety in blindness, veiled in silence.
Fretting they will never leave
until the light wakes you.
Scared to breathe


Pretty girl,
exchange this man’s body for a beautiful face,
24 hours,
to see what it’s like, what it takes
and the looks and the glares,
men making fools of themselves.
Throwing their desperate bravado in your path, looking for ways to outdo the last.
Legs for a mile to kick them all away, poor saps looking to score, one-liners and allniters.
In the presence of beauty,
when nothing on the inside means anything to you.
On the outside,
my thighs and chest, cleaving mockery of fools.
Just one day.
To know how it feels.
Pretty girl.
I don’t blame you,
to feel the way you do.

Climb a Tree

I’m gonna climb a tree, break off every branch on the way.
Guarantee myself this time I’ll be free.
The garden was dead, except that last rose,
I pulled the thorns off and lay them on the sidewalk so you could see the path,
find me stranded.
Our escape from the past.
Your bare feet, so gingerly, avoiding the thorns pricks along the way.
Save the sky, the view is perfect.
From this treetop I can see all I need.
I need you and the clouds.
I need the moon when the sun goes down.
I need safety from all the onlookers who’ll never understand.

Beautiful Mess

You’re a mess, the long blonde tress,
artificial curl, teasing neckline and tattoo fresh, peering out from under your loose t-shirt, wondering aloud how you made it to this point.
Red lips and bad trips, letting go of needles and past lovers in an addictive grip.
You beautiful mess, tearing up the night,
with the only way you know how to fight,
taking each shot at life,
wandering drunk and forlorn into the stark cold, abcense of light.
Will this be your groundhogs day,
played over and over until it ends this way?

Cigarette in hand, lipstick drenched filter…a long inhalation and a sigh, but no relief.

Fade Away

Girl, why you gotta try so hard, when people don’t care who you are.
Boy, why you gotta be yourself, when everyone wants you to be someone else.
Kid, don’t grow up so fast, these schoolyard moments never last.
Dad, I heard your call from across the hall,
said you wanted me to stay strong,
For your mother, he said.
Nothing is forever.


Some time between you moving away,
me all over the place,
we were astronauts flying towards space.
Landing on different planets,
in the same solar system.
We changed, we adapted and we grew up;
and in many ways grew apart.
Unforseen results.
We weren’t those young dreamers of space travel anymore.
Something shifted.
What is dependent on independence,
two minds who no longer saw the difference.

And the occasional transmissions back and forth lost in translation, slipping in and out over the decades.
It’s a shame, but it is reality.
We both see, no need to agree.
Transmissions get more elusive as time goes.
Maybe we slipped into a black hole, the darkest throes?

Or maybe it’s just me.

Hardened space travelers know they can never really go “home”.