Ex’s and Oh’s
Just let us go
Woke cemented in sweat, so much of what’s taken
and what’s left.
We left it all where arms clench
into a climactic collision
of skin and tissue connected,
limbs pretzel in wild unison,
not quite the way you left them.
The smell in the room of lust, love and blood that mixes well,
convalesce from a night tremor where everyone you left off got back on the floor,
the bodily fluids visible with UV light.

They’ve all had enough of us- they got what they wanted.
take, take, take and I must be more important than you
more important than two
Hands clapped and drawn into laps, asleep
so we can wake in the aftermath.


This is gonna hurt me more that it’s gonna hurt you… but how would I know?

The place in your heart, filled with the dark,
rancid hearts, past expiration,
because I can’t make excuses for what I am.
I am sick– aren’t we both?
Here we are- like before,
don’t you need me?
I don’t need you anymore,
the listless shuffle and disputes,
fed to each other
back and forth.
Stifles to the core– self satisfaction in being right,
forget right now,
living in someone else’s fantasy
that didn’t play out anyway.
This room is dreadful, cold and lonely at night.
You & me, alive, in different homes,
One of us moving forward,
the other holding on.

…but doorstops make poor friends,
every beginning finds it end.
And we’ve reached our limit.

Depth Perception

Say that you love me, don’t throw me aside.
I need for you to know that I’m still alive.

Not that I care,
I’m just here-
And you told me ‘forever’ was a joke
we both shared.

Your scent on my favorite shirt
once attached to you…
Dissipating around arms & feet that have long departed.
Falling into the arms of anyone who will take me

Say it 100 times to yourself.
This is the only life you have.
Whatever it takes you to believe.