December 17th

Touch my soul- my beard, for appearances
and I must look 100 years old.
But we were kids when everything went orange & red,
the sunspots creep inside my head- sad places that experience yields.

What a crock, this letdown, left high
paranoid of these fleeting moments until they subside.
Panic at the coasters peak, the horizon where I rode free.

The freedom of youth, mired in responsibility
paved with indifference… just as I left you here


The path deflects the sunlight,
as I watch you drive away.
What a strange occurrence that brought us here together;
and the same polarity moves us onward.
Upward. Hopeful.

I loved you in my heart but needed to find that my road was paved in waves of blistering highs and lows.
The minutes and hours in free-fall.

Every time I got up- I needed to fall back down myself.

And then pick myself up.

But here we are. Somehow knowing that we could never leave- the syncopation of our insides stirring, churning slowly at sixty beats per minute

Time stood still in the brief moment when deliverance segues into revelation.

We are each others keeper.