Garage Stalemate

Digested and spit out.
Look at what we’ve become.
All the things I’ve done.
You thought we’d come around,
the passing traffic pays no mind
to the hum; streets and pavements
grounded over a lifetime of small favors,
repairs and traction for us to run each other>>>>>
out of our lives.
Who knew this place was sarcophagus-like
and stripped of imagination?
Pulled the vehicle in slowly and let the engine run,
no daylight exhumed and the garage door shut.
I manage to escape the fumes
because nothing can exist in the dark,
smothered by exhaust
deterred by retaliation.

Saturday Night Fever

It makes me scared to leave you.
More than being alone– the thought of you, all that’s left
or just left behind.
My own devices,
they’re just thoughts to betray.
Still I move at the slightest notion
you can save me, and save memories for a later day.

Let’s start living.

Call me from out of the blue,
I’m waiting by the phone.
Doesn’t mean I’m alone,
Chasing yesterday and what left of you.