Whimsical mystique of this dance between you and me,
served us well in the looking glass self,
sky held down, knuckles out, primal wealth.

Stole a glance and begged for one more,
as lips quell for the return,
the heart suspended in air, head to floor.

The triumphant pulse of broken veneer, undercurrent hum of fluorescence,
quiet under sheets where not a soul could interfere.

Sweat infused satin, you trembling to never be left alone here.
My promise to come back to you,
pining for my flesh as I draw near.

Make Believe

Goodbye slab, concrete yard
Splintered branches stretched out far.
Littered from an aging tree, kids playing fantasy
I once had done the same, imagination running free,
sticks as swords, conjuring knights, dragons, mythology.
Adulthood took that away from me.

Was this the place that was meant for us- make believe??
When the drink took ahold and wouldn’t release,
until back into the fold, the wild; where they found me.

Gave my last breath to have you back again
Make peace with those who drifted off along the way…