You and I will never die
but it’s better to kiss ghosts
than live a lie.
Tricks of youth wonder,
flourished in mind.
Your flush and my hold
a card game of cat and mouse
never growing old.

Ahh, but what am I without you, my dear?

We’ve come too far to give up now.

Shed my skin, this generic pause
Leafing through pics with no purpose at all.
I’m becoming, you’re drifting
it’s simply a means to an end.
My soulmate, my love
my only one
who I’d die for, because

We were meant for greater things.

High Road

For Stacy…

Forever take the high road
I wish I had another place to go.
Forever stuck on this high road
Say it’s true, but how do I really know?
I say I want you to grow, where that leaves me,
I don’t know.
Forever travelling on this high road.

Live for the beautiful, another chance to shine
Downgrade to neutral, watching your shadow go by
I lived for this, no longer bliss, I want to make it right
Watching from afar, I can only hope this is what you want

Forever travelling on this high road.


I almost got used to missing you.
Almost never gets it done, the trade-off is love:
the dig your heels in the earth kind, revolting against the sky-
your body taken miles from here,
but never the mind.
How my heart aches without you, nothing you get used to,
and I’m glad it’s temporary.

This is like a film splotched up on screen,
played out like so much Hollywood sheen.
Watching Before Sunset alone, and the reminders and cues,
our first silent pauses and what followed afterwards.
The subtle, not stark, revealing, black gives way to blue.
You don’t easily forge ground that holds no foothold on uncharted lands,
long trails that remain hush no matter how many people clutter backroads from backhand.
It was always you and me, and that’s how it will be.
Your goodbye, only temporary.

Once the Sky, Now Mine

Take a moment to catch your breath.
Blow that last wisp of air against my neck.
Guide my hand under the sheen of your guise,
don’t hide your smile, your lips were meant to please mine.

The curved silhouette, your scent, hanging long, removed from this space.
The touch of patchwork memories, wanting, longing, overcome by your face.
Working under an emblazoned sky, until the end of time…

Love Story

We’re piecing it all together, thanks for being patient with me.
In the pool, chlorine skin, and warmth from drying water clinging to thin, or thinner air, wet spindles of water, dripping down strips of hair.
Veils of years and washed over tears now forgotten because we found the trick to all of this.
I had waited so long for this moment without ever knowing.
Each kiss, a story to be told, relentless love, boundless, growing.
Tugging heart strings and bikini strings-
we missed the little things the first time around.
Not so profound, and I love you the way little kids love milk or Legos, or maybe daydreams that only belong to them.

You belong to me…
and I am yours.

I love You

Please know that I never stopped loving you,
I just forgot how.

Forgive me for making our life sit in the backseat
while I took it on a joyride.
Eventually running out of gas.

I felt so empty without you.

Hurt upon the shoreline
breaking at the rocks- like hearts.
Two people who are not quite done with each other.

Take time to think of us, how we were-
the potential for greater things.
Binding warmth, glued to skin, beating of souls
hearts in 6/8 time- waltzing in the same
No longer stumbling on each other’s toes.
Closeness as a rule
and not a lost cause.

I feel empty without you…

Quiet Hours

“If you could just be with me forever”

That linear scope of time, and my little boys keeping me alive.

What will you remember of the night sky?
The chill night air perforating the warmth of your room.
There’s no way of escaping your sad love for me.
So innocent-
– equating closeness with forever.

I could sit here at your bedside, be there for you when you think I’ve let go
hold your hand as you sleep, and you would never know.

Hide here forever in this tiny place for the few minutes that remain

When you wake I’ll be gone.