I must maintain freshness past my expiration date.
I must retaliate… when no one is looking.

There is my face, and protective gear to keep me safe.
Safe from myself.

I must give up the ghost.
I must walk away from shell shock and splatter.

This is but a taste, of a life, of love–of laughter.
This body, my home,
a tender heart that has not expired.

Love Story

We’re piecing it all together, thanks for being patient with me.
In the pool, chlorine skin, and warmth from drying water clinging to thin, or thinner air, wet spindles of water, dripping down strips of hair.
Veils of years and washed over tears now forgotten because we found the trick to all of this.
I had waited so long for this moment without ever knowing.
Each kiss, a story to be told, relentless love, boundless, growing.
Tugging heart strings and bikini strings-
we missed the little things the first time around.
Not so profound, and I love you the way little kids love milk or Legos, or maybe daydreams that only belong to them.

You belong to me…
and I am yours.


Thinking of us, a lone indelible moment when our souls touched, running the line from our hands into spines, tingle and neurons replacing neurotic, endorphins tripping over themselves to the neck and settling somewhere in our motionless hearts, four chamber reaction, static extraction and every nerve and impulse bursting at the seams.

I love You

Please know that I never stopped loving you,
I just forgot how.

Forgive me for making our life sit in the backseat
while I took it on a joyride.
Eventually running out of gas.

I felt so empty without you.

Hurt upon the shoreline
breaking at the rocks- like hearts.
Two people who are not quite done with each other.

Take time to think of us, how we were-
the potential for greater things.
Binding warmth, glued to skin, beating of souls
hearts in 6/8 time- waltzing in the same
No longer stumbling on each other’s toes.
Closeness as a rule
and not a lost cause.

I feel empty without you…