I can’t live for someday, I can only live for today.
The joy of holiday lights, accompanying the quiet waltz of two lovers finally awake.
Discarding restless pasts, tired eyes to gaze.
No longer staring into souls, hearts fawning out the flames,
once set ablaze.
Starlight, where space infinitely yawns at our dilemma.
Ever knowing presence of the moon and its gravitational pull.
Constant, predictable—the earth feels the tug, relentless, yet forgiving.
Always returning for another pass. Only several blinks away.
Doing it all over tomorrow.
Again and again.

I love You

Please know that I never stopped loving you,
I just forgot how.

Forgive me for making our life sit in the backseat
while I took it on a joyride.
Eventually running out of gas.

I felt so empty without you.

Hurt upon the shoreline
breaking at the rocks- like hearts.
Two people who are not quite done with each other.

Take time to think of us, how we were-
the potential for greater things.
Binding warmth, glued to skin, beating of souls
hearts in 6/8 time- waltzing in the same
No longer stumbling on each other’s toes.
Closeness as a rule
and not a lost cause.

I feel empty without you…