You and I will never die
but it’s better to kiss ghosts
than live a lie.
Tricks of youth wonder,
flourished in mind.
Your flush and my hold
a card game of cat and mouse
never growing old.

Ahh, but what am I without you, my dear?

We’ve come too far to give up now.

Shed my skin, this generic pause
Leafing through pics with no purpose at all.
I’m becoming, you’re drifting
it’s simply a means to an end.
My soulmate, my love
my only one
who I’d die for, because

We were meant for greater things.


Some time between you moving away,
me all over the place,
we were astronauts flying towards space.
Landing on different planets,
in the same solar system.
We changed, we adapted and we grew up;
and in many ways grew apart.
Unforseen results.
We weren’t those young dreamers of space travel anymore.
Something shifted.
What is dependent on independence,
two minds who no longer saw the difference.

And the occasional transmissions back and forth lost in translation, slipping in and out over the decades.
It’s a shame, but it is reality.
We both see, no need to agree.
Transmissions get more elusive as time goes.
Maybe we slipped into a black hole, the darkest throes?

Or maybe it’s just me.

Hardened space travelers know they can never really go “home”.


I miss you like the rain
when all the clouds have went astray.
I miss you as if this empty heart,
never went too far
or fell apart.
I miss you when the stars went dead, never fell,
with no more secrets to tell.
I miss the way you smell, the still crackle of time
the ripples in the well.
I miss counting the days you were here, as if they had no end in sight,
and they’re all gone.
I miss the wide eyes, across the room,
the knowing warmth, dancing below the moon.
I miss you like tomorrow will never come.
Feelings unearthed, give rise to new ones.