You told me it wouldn’t work, and I just said “ok”

Tell me how much it hurts,
I’ll say how it doesn’t.
Tell me it can’t work,
I’ll tell you why it can.
You saw it coming,
but there’s happiness for everyone.

Fermenting leaves, only animals eat
your cup empty,
drinking under an angry tree.
When you hoped it’d make you free.
A flow of wine so sweet,
feigned niceties, a lasting memory
on Great Jones street.

Tell me you don’t love me,
I’ll show you differently.

Platitudes & Past Tense

I can’t escape you, but I’ll give it my best shot.
Some things worth having and others not.
We hold on for dear life,
The saddest day, when its no longer right
A pile of regrets too high to climb,
shortened views and lost sight.
Shortsighted and backwards passage,
Clearing a channel I was stuck in for days.
White noise and the rhetoric of a sage
Heard through telegraphs and daydreams
No accounting for old age,
The indifference of sleepless nights,
I got used to long nights drawn out and psychotic rage.

Anger is a gift when used sparingly
I could use it repeatedly, the giving tree
And that sentiment fell on deaf ears
Something clear,
Bottled up and messages closed off
I sent an SOS to someone who wasn’t worth the loss
Of mindfulness and bullshit, the stinging rain
Down pouring sideways
Like my mind, I hold in contempt
But these feelings belong to me
And they’re all I have left