I still remember the day you were born,
the days before and the last moments we had. You’re gone.

They forgot what its like.
Or never knew.
None of their children sacraficed for the greater good.

We see every dollar slipping in your pockets made fat,
disregarding every soul that ever fought back.
Old men, death of just another child.
Congregating around the longest mile.

They don’t know what it’s like.

They’re not the last young minds to be crushed under foot,
bought and sold-out, stale amendments of truth.
Their inaliable right, in the face of those who lied,
trampling all those who stood up for those who died.
You’ll never know what it’s like.

I hope you don’t.

17 more lives, gone before their time.
Your sweet daughter struck down by nine bullets fired.
So many parents trapped amidst a torrent of sleepless nights.
One voice united to rise, from millions of restless minds.
Reborn to defy and fight for their lives.

They know what it’s like.


Ostracized, Scapegoat, Failure, Pariah,
live your life or you’ll die here.
You got your claws in me
or maybe it’s the other way around.
The scratches, emblematic of a lost cause,
now you’re grounded.
No one sees it but me.
Your will is so much stronger than mine,
but that got us in trouble plenty of times.

Just remove yourself from yourself,
get back to the world of living things
Take it back by any means.
Leave the view over shoulder.
Rear view and scenery,
the only life we knew.

Backfire Effect

I am writing lyrics (but not singing, thankfully!!) for the heavy rock band I joined. Hopefully some will get used. If not, I wrote it for me then. Here’s one of several:

You look like death
Cause you’re one of them
Walking dead, or just left…
behind the other drones
They all look the same
Following the wreck…
to wherever the plane drops from the sky
Callous spiders stream the web-
sort out who conspire

Verse 2:
You’ve been given a mind
…stop f**king it up
Nothing makes sense
But everything has it’s place
And this place is a wreck
Where you come unwound
All along… that was the plan

Stand up or you’ll die laying waste
Go on with this burden, shallow hearts
And bitter taste

2nd x– End Chorus:
What was that you said?
You said you’ll be fine?
Just eat what your fed
And get out alive

Fire at will, it’s all you’ve got;
you can’t help yourself.
Give it your best shot,
make sure it hurts.
Waste everything in sight.

Third verse:
You look like death
Cause you’re one of them
Walking dead, or just left…
behind the other clones
They all look the same
Following their path- the path of the lame
to where the world falls off

Last stop, no reprise
Futures have gone to die

They hold you in contempt
You kept the trigger finger loose
No it’s your turn, no regrets
It’s just the way they wanted you

***the internet is a cool place, until you realize how uncool we’ve made it