I don’t want this ride to end.
So you see it for what it is.
Rainbow spew and hearts renewed
fighting the good fight no one ever wins.

I don’t want this ride to end.
Somewhere ripped from the headlines,
Internet stole you and forced smiles all around.
Look at your facade now.
Nothing to fear, and nothing to dread.
I don’t want this ride to end.

We all run out of gas.
All the exhaust hangs on, hangs out.
You breathe it in and swear its all you have.
There are rings of smoke everywhere you look.
Hide under the low lying clouds, where sunlight has it’s way with you.

I don’t want this ride to end.
Keep your eyes on what’s ahead
…and your hands on the wheel.

Trip Fantastic, and the Skyline Drive

No one rides for free, except for me.
The stretch of road leaves blisters,
where the soles tread- my soul to retreat.

I know you’ll be there with your shoulder so I can unload this weight.
The empathy of your neckline, your slight frame holding the warmth as if the sun blazed in the room.
My infernal sigh is the only sound you need.

It doesn’t look so far from here,
the distance has no face, blank expressions unfurl on the horizon.
Mist and clouds and dusk mutate into sunrise-
and you can almost see the skyline drive.

I somehow always new,
I’d find my way out
this place where I left you